Bavarian Cup Auto Display

Bavarian Cup Auto Display

2022 Winners Circle

Must register online under Show Car Registration >>

The Frankenmuth Auto Fest Fabulous Forty Auto Display is an exclusive experience as part of the Frankenmuth Auto Fest. This is a great spot to show off your car under the cover of our Harvey Kern Pavilion (big blue building) all weekend long. It is locked up each night and reopened at 7am Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

  • Participants will receive a “Bavarian Cup” Dash Plaque, a “Bavarian Cup” Window Cling, 2 weekend wristbands, and a tshirt voucher (purchased separately).
  • Top 4 cars picked will be recognized in an Award Ceremony on Sunday at 1pm.
  • Three cars will receive a “Bavarian Cup” Auto Fest Stein and a Customized “Bavarian Cup” Auto Fest Jacket.
  • Top car will receive a “Bavarian Heritage Cup” Auto Fest Stein (larger than the weekend steins given to the other winners throughout the park) and a Customized “Bavarian Heritage Cup” Auto Fest Jacket.
  • If you were picked to be in the parade, your car is allowed to participate in the Big Block Party on Friday. If you were not selected for the parade, we would like you to keep the car in the pavilion Friday night. Logistically, we do not think it would work to try to get a sport for your car at the Big Block Party.
  • No Need for Fending

 These awards given in the pavilion are in addition to the normal park awards and will not affect the awards given in the park. Park awards will be chosen as in prior years.

To have your show car or truck considered, you must:

  • Be preregistered and approved prior to the event. 1987 or older cars only.
  • Submit 4 pictures (engine compartment, ¾ front, side shot, interior). No professional photos will be accepted.
  • Car must be placed in pavilion by 9pm Thursday before the show.
  • Car cannot be moved until Sunday at 3pm.
  • One car per entry. No limit on number of cars submitted.
  • Limited Displays
  • No for sale signs/ cars inside pavilion.
  • Cost: $75. Initial fee is $35 (cost of a preregistration fee). After car has been approved, we will take an additional $40.
  • Limit of 40 spots available
  • Submissions accepted until July 19th.